Cocoon survival shelter is your personal protection from the rain, wind and even heat or cold. Don’t forget to include the cocoon survival shelter together with your camping basic like map, compass or GPS, cell phone, whistle, bottle water and food, flashlight, sun screen, warm clothing and first aid kit.

Cocoon Survival Shelter

Cocoon Survival Shelter

Severe weather can occur any time of year and often with little warning, extreme temperatures or sudden climate shifts can be expected when camping that is why John Moriarty, designer of the cocoon survival shelter came up with a portable hanging emergency shelter that you can sling on a tree and sit in while you are in the great outdoors. The cocoon survival shelter is lightweight, reusable and waterproof. It stays cool in hot climates and counteracts hypothermic reactions.

The cocoon survival shelters are not only travel-friendly it can be easily installed which makes it all the more convenient for you. Backpackers and mountaineers need not worry about the extreme weather conditions in their trek as the cocoon survival shelter which comes in a one size fits all is handy and efficient.

The cocoon survival shelter is made of hi-tech materials with bright warm colors and fabrics in the interior which guarantees that you can stay warm y keeping your body heat in and any wind and wetness out.

A lot of people who are planning to go on camping must always be prepared as to what Mother Nature may bring. By checking the weather updates and developing a contingency plan your camping will indeed be fun and memorable.

But a true camper, even in the midst of challenges manages to get through it, sometimes despite of all the preparations the weather won’t simply cooperate. But let it not ruin your adventure. With the cocoon survival shelter you will have an unforgettable camping trip worth doing again.